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Corporate apparel and services

This photo is not us!

We apologize if you concluded any of these photos are us! We are using these free images from our apparel suppliers to provide visual interest. Besides, our main door tends more toward what you might call a funky, fun (and functional!) industrial red.

Corporate apparel and services

This is also not us!

But we do answer the phone. And use headsets. And are 99 percent guaranteed ready to help with your apparel printing project. Besides, while we are not Tim Gunn, Heidi Klum or even Danny Dockers, we (almost daily!) wear better fitting  pants than the female model above.

Corporate apparel services

Still not us! Could be you?

We suspect you know where this is going by now. So we'll just say we are always looking out for ways to help everyone at your event or in your organization look and feel as good as the models on this page. Besides, our "yacht" looks more like--what do people tell us? Oh, right. Inflatable beach raft.

HJ Hoffman Company contact information

Phone: 203.853.7740 or 800.883.8668. E-mail:

When an apparel or accessory printing project lands on your desk, e-mail box or whatever, contact us. We will help make your life simpler.

All the things we can do,
we can do for you, including:

We can design your project. We can fix up your artwork so it looks good printed or embroidered. We can help you select the clothing and  accessory color and style, and printing method, that match your project objectives and budget and brand requirements.

We can deliver even large projects on short notice. We can package or prep your items for your displays.

Whatever your project needs, just ask us. We will help you advance your project. And your brand.


The HJ Hoffman Company is at 4 Day Street, Norwalk, Connecticut, 06854.