"HJ Hoffman Company has continually provided us with quality apparel and screen printing at a great price. Their service is personal and their jobs always done on time with a phenomenal ability to turn around last-minute jobs with no questions asked."
Rayn Therriault
Director of Marketing
Bear Naked, Inc.

"I've worked with HJ Hoffman for 10 years now, and have received consistent high-quality printing on a wide variety of shirts with quick turnaround times. A great resource for any company!"
Jeremy Brittain
Director of Packaging
Blue Buffalo Company

"We have been doing business with H.J. Hoffman for over ten years. They are, without a doubt, the most reliable and professional vendor we work with... always friendly and accommodating.... and they always deliver on time. I wouldn't switch to another vendor even if their price was 25% less!
Craig Sinclair
Director of Marketing
Ring's End Lumber

Corporate branded apparel and services

The dictionary says a corporation is "any group of persons united or regarded as united in one body". Our first thought is: ouch! Our second is that this might finally explain the voices in our head.

Our third thought, just now emphatically emphasized by the boss (0uch again!), is that we should not be reading the dictionary but instead focusing on helping any and all groups, united in one body or not, to advance their brands by A) doing excellent printing and embroidery (including many special apparel printing effects!) on a wide range of garments and accessories at competitive prices and B) providing the additional assistance and services that help said groups get their projects started, on track and completed successfully, whatever this might be (even if the appointed representatives of said groups ignored the little voices in their heads telling them to place their order three weeks ago, not three days before the event), we should C) find some way somehow to get it done.

And we (all of us) do. Whatever your corporate apparel or accessory printing project needs, whatever your mind imagines, whatever the voices inside your head request, whatever your deadline, just ask us.